Anchan Restaurant, Nimmanhaemin Road, Chiang Mai

For the uninitiated, Chiang Mai is a great location for vegetarians and vegans because of the many wonderful restaurants here that are dedicated to meat-free food.

However, it needs to be stated emphatically, that many of these restaurants are good enough to tempt anyone. One of the most celebrated Vegetarian Restaurants in the Nimmanhaemin area is Anchan Restaurant.

The Food at Anchan Restaurant

I have to say that it isn’t my favourite veg restaurant in the area, but not for lack of quality. I guess I just prefer a little more raw, crunchiness mixed into the dishes, as well as a greater selection of dishes, but Anchan Restaurant definitely has a delightful approach to preparing food, one that I haven’t experienced elsewhere in Chiang Mai.

Crisp and full of flavour

Expect generous portions of mains characterised by vivid colours, vegetables cooked to crisp perfection and the cleanest, most delicate flavours. Should you order rice here it tends to be the earthy red rice and the rice portions are to my mind far too small for the large mains, especially since the mains all tend to be soupy – so perhaps consider getting a second portion of rice, or sharing the mains between two people.

The delightful vegetable curry

Beer and wine are also available, as well as a selection of iced teas, tea and coffee and smoothies.

The Atmosphere at anchan restaurant

The restaurant itself has an attractive design, with a simple layout inside and a some space to eat on the narrow balcony overlooking the street. Granted, it’s not much of a view, but the option to be seated in an open space is one I find appealing.

The narrow balcony seating area and a glimpse of the colourful wall art
The narrow balcony seating area, the cinnamon ginger iced tea, and a glimpse of the colourful wall art

Anchan has a great reputation among people on plant-based diets, but less so in the general community. As such, the restaurant is rarely full, and I often go there when I want a quiet meal. Go there for the distinctive food, and the constant chilled out French café music.

tofu and tomatoes and anchan retaurant
Always something appetising

Perhaps another reason to visit is their handy ordering system comprised of a paper menu where you simply mark off the dishes you would like to order. This avoids any embarrassing confusions caused by the language barrier. On that same note, the menu also clearly identifies the vegan options.

The handy menu/ordering system
The handy menu/ordering system

The Prices

It’s not a cheap option for vegetarian food – especially Thai-style vegetarian. At the same time, it’s still reasonable for the size of portion and quality of food. Mains tend to be around the 90 – 150 baht mark, while soft drinks, coffee and tea start at around 50 baht.

The Location

Anchan is located just off the popular Nimmanhaemin Road down a small side road that is beside Hillside 2 Condo and directly opposite Nimmanhaemin Soi 13. The restaurant is  directly upstairs from MANA co-working space, so a great option for lunch after a hard morning’s work. 

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