My Visit To Singapore’s Changi Airport

I had heard the Singapore’s Changi Airport is possibly the best airport on the planet so, naturally, I had to see for myself.¬†

While in Malaysia I had had a perfect opportunity to visit Singapore, but chose not too, it was just too tempting – and reasonably-priced – to keep on exploring Malaysia.

My Visit To Singapore's Changi Airport

However, when planning to fly from Thailand to Australia I decided this was a good opportunity to see the airport during a stop over.

I was a little flustered after my flight as you can see below – I had a great flight with a nice but chatty lady who kept me entertained during the flight – but it didn’t allow me to collect my thoughts, much less have the presence of mind to take off my trusty travel pillow before disembarking.

changi airport

Come to think of it, she was so talkative that she forgot her own laptop on the plane and ran back in a mad panic..leaving me to explore Changi Airport.

Moving on..

made it to Changi Airport

From first  impression: Changi Airport is just bigger, brighter, better. You feel it as soon as you leave the plane. Wide open spaces, bright and muted lighting in all the right places, luxury for those who go for that kind of thing..

Diversion, distraction, delight..

Just check out this magical – and somehow otherworldly – garden with a koi pond that sits in the middle of the terminal.

the koi pond change airport

I should mention, I’m always a sucker for a look out platform of any kind. If you have come across any of my other writings you will find that I feature lookout platforms where ever I find them.

As for a glass-bottomed one with fishies under it? Ahhh…

platform over koi pond

koi pond at changi airport singapore

There are cool interactive panels next to the koi pond too and you can read up on the habits and lives of koi.

I wanted to linger, but I knew there was lots more to discover. One of the most essential services I always look for wherever I go – and are almost a mark of success or failure in a location for me – is Free WiFi.

Of course Changi did not disappoint.

And for people that don’t have their own devices, they don’t discriminate! Computers with internet are provided over at the Xperience Zone.

Free WiFi at Changi Airport

The Xperience Zones is one of those cool spots in the airport where the lights are low and people can just hang out and relax for hours at a time. There are comfy chairs and options of different screens to view.

xperience zone changi airport singapore


xperience zone changi airport singapore

I’m not much of a shopper…and especially not when travelling carry-on..but as you can see from the Miu Miu shop in the background below, well, there is shopping to be at had at Changi Airport. Lots of glittery, glamorous shopping.

changi airport terminal 2

But if you aren’t big on shopping perhaps a Free Singapore Tour would be more your cup of tea. I really wanted to do the Free Tour..I mean, as long as you have a big window between flights and you are there in the day time you can take the tour out to the city…I mean how awesome is that?

But, the timing just didn’t work out for me at the time since I opted to take a red-eye flight and the tours tend to go out at only set times.

Well, something to look forward to next time…but if you have the chance give it a go.

free tour of singapore from Changi Airport


Changi Airport

Now after WiFi, food is pretty high on the priority list. Not wanting to miss my flight I took the inter-terminal bus to Terminal 3 and hunted out the food options there.

The food court is pretty nice. It has an unusual design made to look like the seats and tables are outside and there are lamp posts along them, as though it were a road. It’s nice and spacious and a good place to hang out for a bit- it’s bright and cheerful.

food court changi airport

Only thing is I wasn’t too impressed with was the food. Most people will find the options great, as there were a lot of decent looking local and regional dishes, but Vegans will have a hard time. Vegetarians will probably do a little better though.

Apparently there are Vegetarian options in Terminal 2 but I had rushed to get a bus transfer from there to Terminal Three where I was catching my plane.

In retrospect I should have grabbed some food quick-smart at Terminal 2 – rather than watching fish swim in a pond from a glass lookout platform….

No regrets!

food court changi airport

I have to say my visit to Singapore’s Changi airport was a pleasurable one. Although I didn’t get to see everything the airport has to offer, that still leaves plenty of good stuff to enjoy next time I am there.

Till then!

departure lounge changi airport

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Have you ever been to Singapores’ Changi Airport? What were your favourite parts of it?

Or are you considering a stopover there soon? Let me know in the comments!

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