Take Your iPhone Swimming with the Evo Aqua – Waterproof Case for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

I’m always on the lookout for lighter, smarter, more user-friendly gear that can help me and other remote workers do what they do better…

But not because I think a Digital Nomad (or anyone for that matter) needs all the latest tech stuff.

Emphatically…they don’t. But they do need some well chosen quality pieces that fulfill more than just one function. Everyone’s selections will be different based on their needs – and you need to judge these carefully for yourself.

In saying that, who doesn’t need a waterproof case for their phone?

 Take Your iPhone Swimming with the Evo AAqua

When I learnt that a new waterproof iPhone case was being launched at the Ray Hughes Gallery in Sydney, I was curious…but not excited.

After all, I’m not an iPhone user. At the same time, the technology itself seemed interesting, and would perhaps provide a peek at things to come – and I know some of you out there have iPhones so…

Tech21 Evo Aqua for iPhone 7 Black

This is the Evo Aqua waterproof case for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Tech 21, who has launched this waterproof design in two models, creates protective covers for devices – phones, laptops…you know, all those things we seem to be dropping and breaking all the time.

Not to mention getting wet constantly.

Tech21 Evo Aqua for iPhone 7 Black

It has the usual sleek lines their products seem to embody, and the cases come in both black and white. Pretty standard.

There were a few things, however, that I didn’t count on (but was pleasantly surprised to discover):

Features of The Evo Aqua

Picture Quality

Now contrary to what you might be thinking, The waterproof cases are not just spill-proof. We aren’t talking about protection from your coffee. We are talking underwater photography.

Yup. Game changer for the ultralight adventure packer, I know.

If you travel a lot, and like to travel light, you will value any gadget that allows you to increase the functionality of your existing devices.

Have an iPhone? Cool. Add the Evo Aqua case..and presto, you have a camera that works for 1 hour underwater and to a depth of either 2 metres (Evo Aqua model) or 3 metres (Evo Aqua 360 Edition).

Not too shabby.

And if picture quality is your concern, it needn’t be. The gallery was full of impressive blown-up photos snapped by Photographer Mark Fitz using the waterproof covers.

images shot with evo aqua

Check them out…

image taken using evo aqua


image taken with evo aqua

These photos in – and of – water have a lot going for them in that they clearly help to preserve the existing picture quality of the iPhone 7.

image taken with evo aqua

As you can see, it even holds up well above water. #ShotwithEvoAqua

image taken with Evo Aqua

I even got to try it for myself. What surprised me most about the result of this photo was the clarity of the bubbles in this next shot.

evo aqua protected iPhone

The gallery didn’t have the most flattering lighting at that time of the day…but regardless, you can see the potential here.

Depth and Duration

As mentioned previously, the Evo Aqua allows you to safely submerge your iPhone to a depth of 2 metres – and the Evo Aqua 360 Edition for 3 metres – for up to an hour.

evo aqua protected iPhone

If snorkeling is on your list of holiday activities, these features will serve you well.

image taken with the evo aqua

Shock Proof

The covers are designed using FlexShock™ – an impact absorbing material that essentially prevents the shock of a fall from damaging both the internal and external parts of your phone. The Evo Aqua cases give you protection for a drop up to 2 metres

See How The Evo Aqua Might Fit Into Your Life

Where To Find the Evo Aqua

You can get the Evo Aqua at JB HiFi for just under AUD $100.

While you might balk at the price, it’s worth considering that all their products are tested through the UK’s National Physical Laboratory to ensure their quality and efficacy – an industry first.

Still curious? Well, find even more out about the Evo Aqua on the Tech 21 website.

The Rest of The Range

So, for the rest of us non-iPhone users, what does Tech 21 have to offer?

Well, some sleek protective cases that are lightweight. Lightweight and non-bulky gets me every time. Plus they contain the shock resistant FlexShock™ technology that really gives them the edge against similar cases.

Evo Tactical

I also got to take a look at a protective cover designed for MacBooks so if you like the concept for your smart phone there are options for other devices as well.

I’ve seen a wide selection of Tech 21 smart phone covers at JB Hifi stores, so definitely worth checking out the range.

So that’s the scoop. I dunno, I went in with an open mind, and came out pleasantly surprised and impressed.


Have you just bought a new iPhone? Are you contemplating how best to protect it? Let us know in the comments below.

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