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When I was just starting out I wished there was someone who could have told me the main tools that ACTUAL digital nomads use.

Nothing ground-breaking, just normal stuff.

Since learning about the Digital Nomad Lifestyle I quickly came to realize it has a unique set of challenges and requirements, compared to a more conventional way of living and working.

Simply put, it requires a different set of solutions.


This book is created with that in mind and lays out more than 50 resources that provide solutions to needs that are common to someone embarking on the digital nomad lifestyle.


’50+ Tools & Resources For Aspiring Digital Nomads’ is definitely going to help you if:

♦ You are  just beginning your location independent career

♦ You are about to embark upon overseas travels and want to work a little on the road while you are away

♦ You are new to creating content online, blogging (and all that stuff) and want to know what sort of resources are available out there – free and paid

♦ You are curious about what tools Digital Nomads use in their daily lives…you might be surprised


If this sounds like you then get cracking – you have nothing to lose as this eBook is totally free!


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