Free Travel App Upgrade for iOS users! – with GPSmycity

If you haven’t heard of the GPSmycity app, it’s time to take notice. If you have ever felt the frustration of trying to orient yourself in a foreign city with limited access to the internet, you are bound to find this app useful.

Few people are familiar with the blog article app concept. Yet for the avid traveller – or anyone simply wanting the flexibility of accessing information on great spots to visit (while offline) – this has to be the way of the future.

How To Get Access To Travel Articles Offline

First off, the GPSmycity app is always free to download, so if you haven’t done that yet get on it here: GPSmycity App.

GPSmycity articles
Download the free GPSmycity app

Next, fill out the search bar with the city that you are interested in visiting. You will find articles from more than 1000 cities around the world! Each city has a bevy of quality articles detailing great locations, interesting walks and other sites you simply don’t want to miss.

This is where you can go crazy – download all the articles relevant to your visit, and they will be saved within the app.

You will find you have a veritable library of information on the city you are visiting – all accessible offline (that is without an internet connection). It’s a great way to get excited about your imminent trip, poring over the possibilities – yet without having to absorb all that information at once.

Then, later you can continue planning your activities for your trip while you are on the plane ride there, or during long train and bus rides between cities. Hell, the fact that you can access all these articles offline means you can literally be on location on the day deciding what to do without any worry about roaming charges or buying local sim cards or relying on spotty WiFi at cafes or airports around the world.

looking for WiFi
Don’t rely on spotty WiFi

For even more functionality, the app allows you to upgrade for a small price to enable GPS. This is an amazing feature and means that you can easily navigate while offline in order to find your way to various sites.

You can even use it to take yourself on self-guided walking tours. Who needs a guided tour when you have an app? After all, it offers much more freedom; you can linger at places you like, take your time, or go as quickly as you need to.

Did I mention that there is an audio function that reads the articles to you? Makes sense right? If you are in a new city you don’t want to be buried in your phone. Instead why not take in the views while you receive relevant commentary in your ears. A much better option.

I Have An Article on GPSmycity – And iOS Users Can Get A Free Upgrade!

Well, it’s not my first, but it is my latest! Yes, if you are heading to Fiji anytime soon, this could be just what you are looking for – some serious guidance on what to do when out and about in sunny Fiji.

10 Days in Fiji on GPSmycity
A sneak peek inside my article on the GPSmycity app

Click on the link below and if you haven’t already downloaded the GPSmycity app, you will be prompted to do so. Otherwise, just follow the link and then click on Upgrade and you will get access to not only the article but to the GPS navigator as well – for FREE! (I love freebies)

Here’s the link to my article: What To Do During A 10 Day Fiji Holiday

I really hope you enjoy this free upgrade and find the app as a whole useful. This special free upgrade is only available for iOS users for a limited time, however, so be sure to take advantage of it pronto as the the offer only runs from Tuesday October 3rd till Monday October 9th, 2017.


Have you used GPSmycity app before? How do you navigate when in a foreign city? Let us know in the comments below!

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