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I have spent a little time in the recent weeks collaborating on posts with other bloggers. This is something new for me.

collaborate with bloggers


I had always heard about the benefits of guest posting, but never really felt inclined to guest post on other people’s blogs, or allow guest-posting on my blog.

But I have since found another new – but similar – animal: the fondly named ‘collab post’.

On this sort of post, the host blogger usually has a theme they want to explore and present to their readers – but don’t have enough first-hand information/photos, etc to create a value-packed post themselves.

So they reach out to their blogger colleagues to get content for the post – or series of posts.

I think it’s a brilliant approach, not only for the host blogger who gets a tonne of free content for their site – but also for the contributing bloggers. Here’s why:

Why Collab Posts Rock…

They aren’t as time-intensive as guest blogging. When you are featured, or have to provide a complete post for another blog there is a lot of pressure to create amazing content. While that is not necessarily a bad thing, it can be daunting for newer bloggers and can be overly time-intensive.

You can begin creating relationships with other bloggers in your niche

It gives you quick validation personally, as well as within the community of bloggers. Feels pretty good to see your work and your name up on another site (like below for me, as seen on Travelosio)!


Collaboration Post with Travelosio


You become familiar with how a ‘collab’ is arranged and this puts you in a better position to create one yourself – as well as putting you in touch with other bloggers you know are up for collaborating.

‘Collab’ posts tend to get lots of traffic because instead of only the host blogger sharing the post, it is being shared by the whole team of bloggers who collaborated on it – hence more chance to get eyes to your site

You can get traffic to your  social media pages through links that most host bloggers will include with your contribution.

Get links to your site from other sites in the same niche as you. This is supposed to be good SEO juju.

Where To Get Involved With Collaborating on Posts

Your blog will fit into a broad category: perhaps Travel Blogging, Blogging About Blogging, Finance Blogging etc. You should already be a part of Facebook groups dedicated to your type of blog. These are usually the best places to find people who want to collaborate on posts.

Firstly, every group has its own rules, and normally people can’t post requests for collaborations just anytime – check the rules. Still, you can do a search within the group after you join and see if there is anyone searching for collaborations.

If not, you can post a request – just make sure to do so within the rules of the group. 

Some Groups For Finding Bloggers To Collaborate With

My niche is generally Travel/Self-Development/Working Online. At this point in my journey, I tend to concentrate on collaborating with Travel Bloggers and so I join that sort of group as well as generic Blogger Groups. Here are some groups you might find useful for finding bloggers to collaborate with:

My favourite place to look for Travel Blogger Collabs: Ultimate Travel Group

Find people who also blog: Blog and Business BFF’s

What To Expect When Collaborating on Posts

I was really surprised how straight to the point the process can be – in the Travel Blogging niche anyway. If like me, you are fairly introverted, you will appreciate the hands-off way the process is carried out.

Normally the host blogger will put a message on the feed of the group requesting a collaboration. They will often give complete details of their needs. Usually, they will require the following 3 things:

A Quality Photo – And yes, sometimes these can be smartphone photos – as long as the quality is good and the image is relevant and in-focus. Obviously, an original photo is best, but if you don’t have one, find out if the host blogger will accept a properly sourced and credited photo instead.

Content – On ‘collab’ posts the host blogger usually will ask for a few sentences describing the topic or location – normally not more than a few hundred words. It goes without saying that this is your opportunity to shine – make suitable observations, maybe put in a little history and include relevant information. If the host blogger has given specific instructions, follow them.

Links – On my very first ‘collab’ submission I got the link to my own website wrong. Sigh. Luckily I picked it up before the post was published and the host blogger corrected it.


My advice is to create a document with all your links on it and every time you do a ‘collab’ you can easily copy and paste this into the email containing your submission. 

website and social media links

You will want to provide your links to the main social media sites as well – Twitter and Facebook are a must, and Google + probably. If you are in a niche that is photo-friendly you should also be on Instagram and Pinterest as well, so include those.

The host blogger will use their discretion to decide what links should be included.

If you provide everything as requested, you can email it to the requesting blogger and usually they will simply forward an email to you once they have received your info – and again maybe when the post is published.

That’s pretty much it. Not really any discussion.

If they like what you have submitted – and they don’t already have content on your proposed angle –  you’re in.

And then you can go crazy sharing the post with your own network, tagging the other collab bloggers in your feed and doing all those other good things.

I definitely think collaboration posts are a great way to make connections with other bloggers and share content – or source content for your own blog.

You can also do it without taking too much time away from your other core activities – yet still get many of the benefits that you would get from doing a full guest-post.


Check out my two recent contributions to collaboration posts in the Travel Blog niche: Thai Temples You Should Visit According To Travel Bloggers on Travelosio and 11 Favourite UNESCO World Heritage Sites According To Travel Bloggers on Girl Out of Bounds.

Also check out this Must-Read post: 

Healthy Eating Habits for Your Travels You Haven’t Thought About which I collaborated on with Travel on the Brain.


Happy Collaborating!


Do you do collab posts? Is this the first time that you are hearing of this sort of post? Let me know in the comments below.

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