My List of Top Inspiring People To Follow for Aspiring Digital Nomads (& Cool Free Resources They Give Away!)

Now when I say ‘Follow’, let me be clear – I don’t mean that you should head over to their twitter page and just ‘follow and forget’. I mean that you should dive – and dive deep – into their content.

Top Inspiring & Interesting People To Follow

Sure, follow them on all the social media platforms they grace – but as well as that, make sure you take out time to ‘get to know them’, seek them out and immerse yourself in their content regularly. Interact with them on their blogs or Facebook groups.

Now the things I have just suggested are usually what is advised when people are advising you how to get someone’s attention. But that is not the goal in this case.

The goal is to bring yourself close to each of these inspiring leaders – for the pure pleasure of learning from them and perpetuating their collective wisdom in your own life.

Allowing yourself to be ‘surrounded’ by inspiring people makes you a more inspired being…brings you that much closer to your own inspiration.

We are blessed beyond belief in this age that we can have the voices of influential people in our ears on demand, day and night, anywhere in the world – guiding and uplifting us.


All we have to do is take the initiative to let them in.


This list is very small. There’s a reason for this. There are a tonne of influencers out there…but I find that zoning in on just a few really great ones is the way to get the most out of their respective messages.

Ok, enough we go…my top rundown of the most influential and inspiring for all you aspiring digital nomads out there:

Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation

Nick Loper is the ‘side hustle guy’ – the one that aspiring entrepreneurs and those who want to make a little extra on the side go to. He does have a lot of stuff that is suitable for people wanting to make off-line earnings. However, the majority of information and advice is applicable – if not directly targetted to people who want to work online – and be location independent.

people online to follow for digital nomads

I really never got into Nick Loper’s stuff until I discovered that he had a podcast – not sure how I overlooked that, but now I have found The Side Hustle Nation Show, it is my podcast of choice – the tone and level of information and strategies are perfect for Aspiring Digital Nomads – as well as for people just doing a little work on the side to support their 9 – 5 career.

Great Free Resources from Nick Loper:

  1. Free Udemy Course ‘How To Hire A Virtual Assistant’
  2. The Side Hustle Path: 10 Proven Ways to Make Money Outside of Your Day Job (Kindle Edition)

Lisa Irby of 2 Create A Website

I really enjoy and respect Lisa Irby’s stuff. She has demonstrable experience and results and comes at everything with a wealth of experience. She has been doing this ‘online thing’ for more than a decade now, and as such, she has a unique perspective – and this definitely comes through in her paid courses. 

Lisa’s stuff always gives top value – whether it be on her monthly podcast – The 2 Create a Website Podcast, on either of her major sites (2 Create a and Napturally Curly) or in her courses.

Great Free Resources from Lisa Irby:

  1. Free Udemy Course: Pinterest: Increase Website Traffic With Images

  2. Free Udemy Course: Create eBook Templates With Powerpoint 2010

Steve Scott of Authority Self-Publishing

For me, enjoying and absorbing information in the form of podcasts is really dependent upon not only enjoying the content but also enjoying the sound of the hosts voice. I haven’t mentioned this earlier, but everyone I have mentioned in this list has a really agreeable ‘podcast voice’ in my opinion – and Steve Scott is no exception. 

At the moment, Steve can be heard on the Authority Self-Publishing Podcast with his co-hosts, but you can also find a little gem of 81 episodes of his old podcast – Self-Publishing Questions (see below). 

Steve also has an old site on which you can find a lot of great value, and even his book-selling site Develop Good Habits has a blog section where you can learn a lot about improving your personal and work habits. Get on his mailing list as well for opportunities to get free copies of some of his books.

Great Free Resources by Steve Scott:

  1. How to Turn Your Idea Into a Bestselling Book
  2. Bad Habits No More: 25 Steps to Break Any Bad Habit

  3. Self-Publishing Questions Podcast (Total 81 Episodes)

Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn barely needs introduction, but if you haven’t heard of this online passive income guru, you have a lot of catching up to do – but how fun that is going to be.

When I first heard of Pat Flynn, I realised his stuff was gold so I went back to the first episode of his podcast and started listening. Within a few months I had listened to the one hundred plus episodes I had to catch up on…and boy what an education tht was – for a total newbie.

There I learnt the ‘lingo’ of online business, I began to understand the mind set of online entrepreneurs and a thousand possibilities were opened up to me.

Aside from doing double takes over his income reports I continue to marvel at how he has his hand in so many pies, and how he has built his ’empire’ from simple beginnings. 

Great Free Resources from Pat Flynn:

  1. ‘eBooks The Smart Way’
  2. How to Start a Podcast: Pat’s Complete Step-By-Step Podcasting Tutorial

 Johnny FD at

Johnny FD’s podcast, the Travel Like A Boss Podcast, was one of the most encouraging podcasts I listened to when I was planning to quit my job and pursue a digital nomad lifestyle and career. Like with Nick Loper’s content, Johnny FD’s content is easy to digest for the beginner and novice to the online space – but still packed full of value. 

Johnny’s stuff is particlarly useful for the beginner partly because – like Pat Flynn – he makes so much of his income sources public with regular income reports. If you want a plan to follow, Johnny makes it really easy to replicate his successes.

In addition, he is always updating his website with new content, is present in the Travel Like A Boss Army Facebook group that he started, and his regular videos can be found on his Johnny FD Youtube Channel.

Great Free Resources from Johnny FD: 7-Part Affiliate Marketing Mini Course



So, who do you follow online? Who inspires you in your journey to earning an online income, travel the world – and basically just do whatever the hell you wanna do? Sharing in the comments below = caring!

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