Favourite Hotel in Kuala Lumpur – ‘My Hotel Brickfields’

While I was in Kuala Lumpur recently, I discovered that there are a lot of very fancy hotels there. And most of them are in prime CBD locations with stunning views and prices to match. And although I could rock a 5-star hotel as well as the next person, it’s not the way I would choose to discover a new city.

I thrive on staying in local areas as a great way to really get a genuine feel for a new place and sample the cuisine, buy the services that the people of the city use, and just be immersed in the world that local people inhabit.  But, at the same time you have to realise that the facilities that can be expected for budget prices in a big city are generally not that good.

Kuala Lumpur is full of fancy hotels
Kuala Lumpur is full of fancy hotels

However, I did find a spot that I really liked. Slightly higher priced than dirt -cheap-budget, but at the same time still very reasonable. It’s also surprisingly quiet considering it’s location a stone’s throw from KL Sentral Transport Interchange and Nu Sentral shopping mall. Suffice it to say that this is my current go-to hotel when in Kuala Lumpur.  Failing that, I’m of a mind to look up it’s sister hotels which include My Hotel Sentral (which is about  minutes from this one!)

Check-in at My Hotel Brickfields

Check in time is 1 pm, so I took a slow walk out there from where I was staying in Bikut Bintang.

The hotel staff were easy to communicate with – most people speak very good English here. During check-in you will need to part with an extra 20 ringgit for the key card deposit. However, just present your receipt again at check-out and you will get this amount back, no problems.

my hotel at brickfields receipt

The Room at My Hotel

The room was nice. I really felt comfortable here. Beds in hotels in Malaysia are super cushy and so are the pillows (a far cry from Thailand’s rock-hard beds), so be assured on that point. I had a nice wall-mounted t.v with most of the channels in English, a side table which doubled well as a desk for me, and complimentary water, instant coffee, sugar and creamer – as well as two free bottles of water. A hot water jug was also provided.

Check out the awesome universal socket in the background
Check out the awesome universal socket in the background

The room had a window! Be aware that this is definitely not a given here with budget hotels, and although the view was dismal, it provided natural light and could be opened for a nice breeze.

An 'oh so comfortable' bed
An ‘oh so comfortable’ bed

The bathroom was great too. Spacious, with a hot water shower, Western toilet, sink, mirror and a soap dispenser. Two towels and a bath mat were also provided.

Spacious bathroom
Spacious bathroom
What not to expect? No toiletries like shampoo and conditioner in cute little containers – but they still provide you shower gel in a wall mounted dispenser. Not bad.
Hot water shower and shower gel dispenser
Hot water shower and shower gel dispenser
I was also impressed by this place because of the few small unnecessary extras they have – like coat hooks, and an adapter wall socket.

The Atmosphere at My Hotel Brickfields

Relaxed, easy, and I definitely felt safe. No one bothered me here and it was quiet at night.  Front desk staff were also more agreeable than at other places I’d been in Kuala Lumpur.

Check-in is easy
Check-in is easy

This is definitely not a top class hotel, but the fact that it was much less cramped than other places I stayed, had newer facilities and was cleaner makes it a winner in my book. Yes it was a bit costlier, but all in all I was would be happy to cut costs in other areas for the sake of this added comfort.

Location of My Hotel Brickfields

I can’t imagine a better, more central spot – close to major the transport interchange, the major shopping mall NU Sentral, various eateries. It’s also an excellent spot to stay before a flight out the next day because it is only as few minutes walk to the KLIA ekspres – the fast train out to the airport  – check out my journey on the KLIA ekspres

My Hotel Brickfields is in a great location for me personally being so close to everything I wanted. A 7-eleven was located a few doors away and a printing shop is on the same road (handy for printing out boarding passes last minute!).

It also seems that the area is a major vegetarian location with nearby Jalan Tun Sambanthan 3 street having at least 5 different places, that I counted to buy vegetarian food. With a little discernment, vegans can make this location work for them too. It’s mostly local fare and you will find yourself eating off banana leaves – with your fingers if you prefer – as I did.

Veg food just up the road
Veg food just up the road

Nu Sentral is 5 minutes walk away. This massive shopping mall has a supermarket and a surprising amount of big brand stores – if that’s your thing. Think Victoria’s Secret, UniQlo and The Body Shop.

nu sentral brickfields
The flashy Nu Sentral – home to KL Sentral Station

From the mall you can access KL Sentral, the major train hub, and it’s a stress-free ride on the KL Ekpres to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport – be assured it stops at both KLIA and KLIA2 airport.

Why not take a peak inside my room at My Hotel Brickfields… 

Where do you stay when you are in Kuala Lumpur? Are you planning a trip there soon? Let me know in the comments below!

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