The Travel Care Pack I Put Together For Every Long Journey I Take

For me the little Travel Care Pack I put together for myself contains some of my ‘desert island’ items for Travel.

At the end of the day, you want to feel as calm and comfortable as you can, and a few travel-friendly creature comforts provide just that extra bit of enjoyment.

So, although there are more vital items in your luggage as a whole, these items are more about having something on you that is easy to access – usually kept on your person –  that can keep you happy for longer during long trips.

The Travel Care Pack I Put Together

I like to keep the care pack in my daypack which I always have on me during long travel, even if my main carry-on bag is up in the luggage holder. It is small enough even that I sometimes just keep it on my lap or in the spacious pocket of my jacket.

I go for items that are solid because they don’t have to be placed in that designated clear plastic bag we all have to use for toiletries when travelling carry-on.

I also pack it trying to make it as light as possible while still functional, so of course just pop everything into a resealable sandwich bag.

 If you are in any doubt as to  my love for sandwich bags while travelling, check out my post on Using Sandwich Bags During Your Travels.

The Purpose of My Travel Care Pack are a few:

Provide temporary relief of headaches, pain


Allowing me to relax

Helping me enjoy my food

Allowing me to do a little work in confined travel arrangements,

and more…


Now, your Travel Care Pack will be different – it will be very personal according to your needs.

But I’m sharing the usual components of mine so you can get some inspiration for your own.


Happy Travel Care Pack-making!

Pharmacy Items

travel care pack items

This is all about bringing comfort from common ailments while you are stuck in travel.

Personally, I cant do without Paracetamol for foggy travel headaches, a Vicks inhaler or similar to unclog those airways, and a good quality Chap Stick.

Some other items you might want to include are:

  1. Motion sickness tablets
  2. Throat lozenges
  3. A comb

Hygiene Aids

Let me tell you, hygiene is where it’s at…if you forget everything else make sure you take your hygiene items.

You want to stay healthy when travelling, so keeping clean will go a long way towards ensuring this.

travel care pack items

So, there are a few different products I like to pack.

Tissues are great for the sniffles and for cleaning up spills and after eating. They can also double as toilet tissue if in a pinch.

Speaking of toilet tissue, another essential component of the Travel Care Pack is the wet wipe. Specifically, you want it to serve the function of a few different things – hand sanitizer and…well, replacing a shower.

I find the best thing to use is individually wrapped flushable anti bacterial hygiene wipes.

They will clean sticky hands, freshen you up if you get sweaty, you can use them to wipe your face…and when you are done you can just flush them…these Stallmates look pretty good.

In saying that, any small purse pack of 20 flushable hygiene wipes will do…just aim for anti bacterial ones.

And Ladies, chuck a tampon in that travel pack at this point, an a panty liner or two will be a luxury you will appreciate.

Work Stuff

Obviously if you want to work and are able to, get all your gear out and start tapping away.

But sometimes you are squashed between people on a bus..for a long time. And when you have nothing to do but stare out a window some of the best ideas can come to you.

That’s why you always want to have a pen and paper on hand.


travel care pack items

Mobile phones are great for taking notes, but you might not want to get it out and let other passengers see it. Or the battery might have died on you.

The little arrangement I have below is a tiny book with a tiny pen. It’s great for jotting down a few points until I can access my laptop again.


There are three main areas I like to include – sweets, condiments and teas.


May include candy or chewing gum or breath mints. Good for boredom, equalizing air pressure and cementing travel friendships. ‘Nuff said.


I don’t know if it’s just me but I never like food as it is given to me when travelling. It rarely tastes right.

But I like food, and want to enjoy it, especially when I’m on a train or plane and have nothing much else to do.

travel care pack items

So for me bringing condiments is ESSENTIAL. I tend to keep it to the minimum though: salt and pepper, chilli flakes or chilli and garlic flakes. Just a small sachet or two of each tends to give me the spice hit I need to enjoy my chow. You might want to bring these, or something more to your taste…lemon pepper is a mild choice.

Protip: You can swipe the chilli flake sachets from packet noodles. Yup that’s how its done. If you can’t find your favourite condiment in a handy sachet size, make your own with mini resealable bags. 


Sometimes you can be stuck in places for long times. Sometimes your plane journey is just draining you too much. Go hunting for hot water to make your most soothing cup of herbal tea. Think chamomile to relax you, or a tart berry blend to wake you up.

On planes stewards will usually accommodate your request, some airports have hot water dispensers.

Also handy to have something familiar to drink when you reach your accommodation and all you have been given in your hotel room is instant coffee.


Chuck in a toothpick and maybe a spork too. 


Earplugs and a basic airline sleeping mask will do.

What Else?

Well it’s up to you, but the rule is to add in any other small, solid item that will make you feel more like yourself. 

travel care pack items

So, just chuck it all in a resealable sandwich bag and you are good to go.


Do you make yourself a travel care pack when you take long trips? Or are you going to start making one now?

And what will be in it? Let us know in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “The Travel Care Pack I Put Together For Every Long Journey I Take

  • August 18, 2016 at 11:08 am

    This sounds like a great idea – well everything except the flushable wipes. I read recently that they aren’t really flushable but end up blocking your pipes.

    • August 18, 2016 at 12:02 pm

      Glad you liked the idea – never heard that about the wipes but it makes sense. Great thing is you can tailor your own travel care pack to your individual preferences. Happy Travels!


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