Vegetarian Restaurant in George Town – No. 1 Cannon Street Galeri & Kafe

While I was messing about on Lebuh Cannon, in quaint George Town on Penang Island, admiring the coconut ice cream stalls – and wishing for some dairy-free versions – I came across No. 1 Cannon Street Galeri & Kafe.

It’s a tiny little shop – but my veg-eater radar eyes spotted the vegetarian biscuits sign and something about vegan desert,  and I was sucked into the vortex…

vegetarian biscuits at lebuh canon
Vegetarian biscuits at No. 1 Cannon Street

Yes, I’m always on the lookout for veg food where ever I go, but unfortunately hadn’t been to any of the reputedly wonderful vegan and vegetarian restaurants in George Town, Penang. I had been relying on google maps. But I should have known better. Just because a place is LISTED at a location on Google Maps, doesn’t mean it is ACTUALLY AT that location – especially in Asia. Suffice it to say I went to see a few vegan restaurants that weren’t where they said they were. 

But back to No. 1 Cannon Street…

The Food at No. 1 Cannon Street Galeri & Kafe

Inside it was a little dark, but sunlight flooded into a spot just inside the door – where I sat. Within seconds a friendly server came to me.” I want the vegan coconut ice cream” I said fervently, “Please!”. A few minutes later and I had the scoop in a little bowl. Ahh..

I have to say it was different to the few vegan ice creams I have had before. But any vegan ice cream in any form is a welcome treat for me, I found it more on the crystalline side, yet at the same time rich. But I didn’t mind. It was different, and was the least sweet ice cream I have ever tried. Yes I would have it again.

Vegan coconut ice cream in George Town
Vegan coconut ice cream in George Town

After really taking my time with the ice cream I decided that I was enjoying myself here and decided to look through the menu. I was pleased – so many options. And so inventive. I particularly love it when veg restaurants decide to do their own takes on the local cuisine – it means I can go to a country or a city and still sample it’s signature dish – just the veg-version!

I also admire them for being one of those vegetarian restaurants that is actively vegan-friendly, advertising options on their menu that are specifically vegan, or offering to prepare vegan versions.

I decided to go for the Ninja Burger. was the name that got me..and that black bun.

ninja burger lebuh canon
Need I say – this is the Ninja Burger

Loved the burger. Real clean unprocessed goodness. Nothing fancy, just lentil-based patty with vegetables and a very soft nice bun. The overall balance of flavours was improved with some mustard, and I was a happy camper. Definitely not the best veg burger I’ve ever had. But excellent value for the price.

After all that I would have loved to try the vegan coffees, but I was full. Instead I swore to return! Soon, soon.

The Prices

The best prices you could ask for really. Medium serves, giving you just enough. And a humble price for humble serves. Really an approach that I appreciate. Sometimes the prices are higher and the serves are massive – but you don’t really want to eat that much – or pay that much.

I wasn’t that hungry for sure, but I did want to try a few different things, and didn’t need a single dish being so expensive – or so large – that it prevented me from wanting to eat anything else.

The Ninja Burger served vegan (so without the cheese) along with sides was 9 Malaysian ringgits (that’s around $3 Australian to give you some idea). Without sides it would have been 7 MR. Even better! I paid 3 ringgits for the one small scoop of vegan coconut ice cream. Still a steal, considering how expensive and rare vegan ice creams can be wherever you go. Pasta dishes were around the 9 ringgit mark, soups at 7 ringgit and soy coffees at 9 ringgit. They also serve affogattos as well, which are priced at 11 ringgits.

The Atmosphere at No. 1 Cannon Street Galeri & Kafe

lebuh canon seating cropped

No. 1 Cannon Street Galeri & Kafe is laid back and nothing fancy. Servers are lovely, polite and helpful. The place is just a pleasure to be in. Quiet and a little inconspicuous, with charity items for sale including beaded shoes. Looked a bit small in size though, but if you have tiny feet knock yourself out..they were beautifully made. Take advantage of the free WiFi there too.


There it is on Google Maps. You can’t miss it. Although, it is listed as ‘Soo Teik Tong Khoo Kongsi’ – probably because that is what is written over the door of the place. Yet, plenty more prominent signs make it clear on premises that it doesn’t go by this name but goes by the name No. 1 Cannon Street Galeri & Kafe.

Tends to be open from around 11am until 7 pm on most weekdays, so you can rely on them for some decent veg lunches and dinners. 

So do you also appreciate some good veg fare when you are out and about? I sure do, as I’m sure you can tell! Do you have a favourite veg place to go to in George Town? Or even in your own city?

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