Taste From Heaven Restaurant, Chiang Mai

Taste From Heaven is one of the best restaurants in Chiang Mai serving Vegan and Vegetarian food. They have a great range of dishes, operate a cooking school, and they are conveniently located in the Old City.

Taste From Heaven Chiang Mai

During my time in Chiang Mai I went there many times, and tried a lot of different dishes – from their fried tempeh to their bean burger – and enjoyed everything I tried.

It must be said that,  apart from offering plant-based dishes, they also take a proactively healthier approach to preparing their dishes, scaling back on oils and unnecessary unhealthy additions like MSG, so for some the dishes may seem a little basic.

But if you like colourful fresh food that is primarily aimed at nourishing you, then you will be pleased at what you find. Not to say that their dishes aren’t flavorsome. I particularly enjoyed their khao soi – which they offer as a Vegetarian dish, but which can be made Vegan on request by replacing egg noodles with rice noodles.

They have a selection of entrees including spring rolls and money bags and almost every dish you order has a small salad served with it – a nice touch that only adds to the freshness of the meal.

Another great feature of Taste From Heaven is the fact that they have a more varied selection of rice. While it is common to have at least two choices of rice at most restaurants you will visit, Taste From Heaven offers the traditional Thai sticky rice as well as a selection of other rices including steamed black jasmine rice.

There is a wide range of drinks options, and unlike many Vegetarian or Vegan restaurants in Chiang Mai you can also order alcohol here.

If you feel ready to try the local cuisine they have plenty of Vegetarian and Vegan versions of local dishes, but if you want something more familiar you will also find common Western dishes on their menu including a selection of sandwiches and burgers.

I particularly appreciate the fact that their menu is so detailed and it makes it very clear which dishes are free from dairy and which aren’t. They also make it clear that if you have special dietary needs just let them know, and they are happy to alter the dishes to suit you where possible.

You can tell from the decor and the way the place is run that the food made here is important as more than just a business for the owner.

Not only does the menu have a list of sayings related to the wisdom of following a plant-based diet, but there are many quotes also on the walls of the restaurant – a nice validation in some ways, and a reminder to live without causing harm.

As with most eateries in Chiang Mai the prices are more than reasonable. Furthermore the portion sizes are generous – something that can’t always be relied upon, as portion sizes tend to run small in Thailand.

If you like the food at Taste From Heaven, you can learn to make some of it yourself. Perhaps check out the Taste From Heaven cookery classes which show you how to make healthy Vegan and Vegetarian dishes of the kind made at the restaurant. Do book ahead to ensure your space.

Have you eaten at Taste From Heaven? Do you have any tips for eating healthy plant food in Chiang Mai? Please share below.

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    • July 25, 2017 at 1:29 pm

      Hi, yeah I really appreciated the detailed menus! Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to do the cookery class…maybe next time. Thanks for stopping by!


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