The Salad Concept, Nimmanhaemin Road, Chiang Mai

I’ve been to the Salad Concept numerous times. Not because it’s necessarily the best place in town to eat, but because of the freedom and freshness of eating there.

The main attraction here is your ability to create your own salads – you really have the possibility of an endless combination of dinners.

The Food at The Salad Concept

You can’t go far wrong since everything here is on the healthier side: salads, wraps, soups, juices, smoothies and desserts.
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Enjoy a base rate for a wrap salad, or regular salad, which includes 5 free fillings and a dressing. Each additional topping or filling is a small extra charge, so you can very cheaply create a mountain of unique salad each time you eat here.
A wrap salad made with your choice of fillings

Perhaps my favourite dish on the menu is the shiitake mushroom soup. Peppery and smooth, it is one of the nicest vegan soups I have ever sampled. There are other soups on offer as well including the spicy basil and tomato soup and a pumpkin soup.

blog soup salad concept
The flavourful shiitake mushroom soup

Speaking of vegan, there are two soup options on the menu that are vegan-friendly, in addition to one dressing – the black sesame and tamarind dressing. Vegan and vegetarian options are distinguished from the rest of the menu by little coloured flags shown next to the picture of each dish, so that helps to clarify things for those who prefer to eat a certain way.


There are juices and smoothies that can be tailored to your request, coffee and tea, as well as a nice selection of cakes on offer.

Make sure to grab one of the free mini mints they have on offer in little baskets at the counter areas on your way out the door.

Salad concept

The Atmosphere

This location is popular and always busy, so while there is free WiFi, it’s not generally a spot where you would get work done – too noisy! The option of four different seating areas is nice, with the covered outdoor area having the best ambiance for a relaxed dinner, as the lighting out here is softer. There is also comfy seating with colourful cushions. The toilet is also conveniently close.

The cosy eating space out back

The Prices

The prices are reasonable at 75 baht for a regular salad, or what they call a ‘wrap salad’. This will give you five fillings (as well as lettuce) with a homemade dressing of your choice. Additional fillings are a few baht more per filling, meaning you can always get a basic wrap cheaply, but can mix it up a little for only a bit extra. If you would like a wholemeal roll to go with your soup, that will put you back 20 baht.

Soups are a little pricier at around 90 baht – but definitely worth the cost.

The Location

The Salad Concept is at a good location within a popular area . Easy to find with a big sign out front, on the corner of Nimmanahaemin Road and Nimmanahaemin Soi 13, and plenty of parking space accessed via Nimmanahaemin Soi 11.

So I included in the title that this was the Nimmanhaemin Road Salad Concept. I did so because, contrary to what I had thought, this ain’t the only one. There’s another Salad Concept on the other side of the city too.

The more the merrier right?

Have you been to the Salad Concept? Or do you have another favourite place to have a Vegan feed in Chiang Mai? Let us know in the comments!

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